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We are a network of young vibrant, dynamic and seasoned professionals from different walks of life living in various parts of the continent but well-connected with the passion of helping people come out of their past, move forward and set personal-socio and professional goals that enable them to live the kind of positive life they really want.

Our foundation passionately administers its four-fold individual/organizational development goals in the following ways: INSPIRE, INCULCATE, INVEST and INITIATE.

To rebuild self-identity and strengthen positive value systems in the lives of individuals and organisation in order to attain self-actualization.

We guide you in rediscovering who you are and becoming what you are created to be with positive values, thereby making the world a better place for you and everyone.

Our Core Values

Confidentiality and Integrity
Empathy and Respect for one another
Professionalism and Prompt response


We inspire students, youth, job seekers, career people, political sects, managers of organizations and families to seek and pursue a better version and picture of themselves.


We invest in touch points and mentoring/coaching centers which are made accessible to individuals and organizations seeking professional counseling in various issues of concern as the need arise.


We inculcate in individuals and organizations positive value systems that thrives in any environment.


We initiate public platforms through conferences, seminars and workshops where individuals can be exposed to our network of professional Counselors as we yearn to invest on the majority.


TCC, like other NGOs, is funded by the donations and support of well-meaning individuals, philanthropists and corporate organizations both in monetary and service terms. In more specific terms, our targeted beneficiaries are students, youth, job seekers, career people, political sects, managers of organizations and families.


Think Counseling Concept essentially deals effectively and efficiently with children, youth and adults’ personal-socio, career, academic and crisis issues.

Personal Counseling

Counseling here include: Self-esteem, Depression, Anxiety disorder suicidal thoughts / actions and stress, Interpersonal relationships, Sexuality orientation, and Addiction.

Career/Academic Counseling

We provide guidance and support to children, youths and adults by equipping them with the critical personal qualities and practical skills needed in their everyday lives.

Career Consultations

We provide Counseling services ranging from business, career and academic issues which include but not limited to Job and Study skills, Time Management, Test Anxiety, Job Satisfaction and Academic Performance.

Coaching/Mentorship Services

This is a face-to-face meeting between a more experienced employee (the mentor) and a person or group of persons who requires guidance and wishes to gain expertise in a chosen skill or path as the case may be.


Our philosophy borders on the fact that Development is an important goal for every developing countries and this goal cannot be achieved without the growth of human potentials. Counseling is one of the effective means for developing human potentials, yet, Counseling has been evolving slowly in developing countries. Our world is increasingly becoming more interconnected. Thus, the need for professional counseling services.

This globalization highlights the need for highly trained mental health professionals to address suicidal thoughts/actions, trauma, addiction, depression, academic and career concern in homes, organizations, clinics, hospitals, schools, universities and religious bodies.


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Frequently Asked Question

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You seek the services of a professional Counselor when you as an individual or organization have come to a realization that you have a need that requires the services of a trained personnel, one who can empathize by listening to you, proffering solutions and most importantly, discreet (one whom you can confide in on your deepest fears without fear of having it in the open).

Professional counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals. A professional Counselor is someone that is professionally trained in the university or college as a Counselor or Counseling Psychologist (B.Sc, Masters or PhD holders) to assist or help clients:

  1. Identify their goals, potentials and proffer solutions to issues causing emotional turmoil.
  2. Improve communication and coping skills.
  3. Strengthen self-esteem; and
  4. Stimulate behavioral change and optimal mental health.

It is important to note here that, a professional Counselor does not give advice rather, they help clients to become aware of their situation or issue for them to take a decision on way forward.

Most times, professional Counselors are always tempted to render counseling services to whomever they think needs counseling. But professional counseling goes beyond that, the clients should first of all Identify that he/she has a challenge and needs help from a professional trained individual. So yes, there is a counseling fee charged for professional counseling session, just like we have when a patient consult the services of a medical doctor.

There is no difference between a professional trained Counselor and a Therapist, they are one and the same.

To be in a good relationship with people you must first of all learn to love and accept who you are. You cannot do that if you do not know how to define yourself. Consult our Counselor today to help you through the process of self-discovery.